A hosted WordPress Backend demo
service for Theme Authors.

Effortlessly provide admin access to WordPress dashboards.
Let customers trial all the features of your WordPress
theme prior to purchase. 

This secure and fully automated service will improve
your buyer confidence and reduce pre-sale questions.


System Features


Secure Admin Demo Area

No access to the theme source code.



See statistics on how many people are trialling your theme demo.


Unique Demo Per User

Each user gets a brand new copy of the theme to test. Any changes are removed after an hour.


Dedicated virtual containers per theme

Each theme receives its own dedicated virtual environment separate from everyone else, including us. This is the most secure way to run customer facing demos.


Google analytics integration.

Add your own analytics ID to the theme landing page and demo websites. Track customer movements and demo usage.


Collect User Feedback

Automatic feedback form on the completion of a users live demo session. This can be used by you for market research, improving your work and understanding the needs of your customers.


Multiple Demo Styles

Configure multiple theme styles (e.g. a dark color option and a light color option). Great for multi-purpose theme demos.


Reduced Support

Users will be able to gauge suitability of a theme before purchase which will reduce refunds and support questions.


Secure Theme Source Code

We have no access to your theme source code, your themes are hosted on your very own virtual environment.


Made by an Envato Author

This service was hand crafted by dtbaker; a provider you can trust with your theme demo service. We are using AWS + RDS for secure customer data storage and wpdocker for reliable WordPress container hosting.

Buyer Process

Buyers browsing the your Envato item Page click a “Try before you buy” button taking them to a landing page where they select the demo to edit.  They are then asked to login (optional to capture an email address), the full WordPress dashboard loads allowing them to test all the features of your theme.  The buyer can then choose to buy your theme from the button at the top of the screen or exit, if they exit a feedback form will be sent to them.  This helps you for the first time to follow up a sale or get a review on any improvements to be made.


How it Works

Head over to summer.theme-demo.net. This is an example of a hosted theme demo. Simply click on a button and gain access to your very own temporary WordPress Dashboard for testing.  For more examples please browse through the portfolio of dtbaker to see the various themes on offer.



We plan to offer a one week free trial of this service to all authors. This should be sufficient time to see an increase in conversions and satisfied customers.

Head over to the Pricing page for more details.

Author Controls

Add your logo to the live demo system (replacing the Theme-Demo logo at the top). Choose your own demo text and thumbnails. You can even place our "Launch Demo" buttons anywhere (item page, landing page) to give customers direct access to a demo.

All we ask is that you leave a small “Powered by Theme-Demo.net” somewhere to spread the word about this awesome tool.


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