Can I change the default look/style?

So how does it work (for theme Authors)?

  • You (theme author) sign up through theme-demo.net 
  • This gives you a dedicated demo server hosted through wpdocker
  • You will have SSH access into this demo server. 
  • This server will be hosted in your wpdocker account, which you can also login to for more advanced settings. 
  • wpdocker will bill you for this server monthly (if you choose to continue using the service after your 1 week trial)
  • We (dtbaker) receive a commission on this monthly wpdocker service
  • You will get a dedicated demo website address, such as mythemename.theme-demo.net 
  • You will login to WordPress on your new demo server and setup your demo website
  • You can place banners/links on your item description directing customers to your demo website ( mythemename.theme-demo.net )
  • You can change your WordPress theme demo content at any stage (e.g. fix a bug) and any future demo users will receive the updated content

So how does it work (for theme Customers)?

  • A customer will visit your ThemeForest item page or custom landing page and see the "Try Demo" button.
  • The customer will be directed to mythemename.theme-demo.net where they will see a list of available demo styles.
  • The customer will click a "Login to Dashboard" button
  • The customer will be asked to authenticate with their Envato account (this will ensure the buyer is serious)
  • A loading bar will display while a unique WordPress demo website is created ( this demo website is based on your "template" setup previously )
  • We show a quick optional survey to the customer while the demo website is loading
  • The demo website is loaded in an iframe (similar to Envato previews) so we can show the remaining time left in their demo
  • The customer is automatically logged into their demo website as admin
  • This demo website will last 1 hour and then the files and database will be removed
  • The user will see links to buy the theme and view the documentation in the header bar

How much does it cost?

  • See the new Pricing page.
  • We are hoping authors will easily be able to cover this cost by:
    • Improving buyer confidence and producing a higher conversion rate.
    • Reducing support time with pre-sale "Can it do this?" questions.
  • If you have feedback regarding pricing please send me an email. We're happy to discuss. 

How do you add additional styles?

  • It is possible to have different "styles" for a theme demo. Example: http://summer.theme-demo.net/ 
  • Just login to your portal and follow the prompts

What do I put on my item page?

  • You can link directly to mythemename.theme-demo.net 
  • Below are some banners you can use on your item page.
  • You are welcome to leave a small "Powered by Theme-Demo" somewhere, we like the spread the word.


What about PHP scripts and WordPress Plugins?

  • We will offer automated theme demos via theme-demo.net
  • We will offer automated wordpress plugin demos via plugin-demo.net
  • We will offer automated PHP script/app demos via code-demo.net